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Animation and video suite for the Gtk/Gnome desktop environment



LATEST NEWS [4/29/2005]: These pages have just moved to a NEW SERVER. The site might be under construction for some time.
LATEST NEWS [2/17/2003]: gAnim8 version 0.3 has been released! Check out the features page for a list of the latest great features.   New screenshots added!.    Download the latest version.
LATEST NEWS [2/16/2003]: All gAnim8 components now feature internationalization/gettext support. gAnim8 now available in SPANISH! Download the latest version.
LATEST NEWS [2/16/2003]: gAnim8 Conversion Tool version 0.2 has been released. Download the latest version.
LATEST NEWS [2/16/2003]: GtkSnapshot version 0.1 has been released - a new Gtk-based screen capture utility, and a new addition to gAnim8. Download the latest version.

gAnim8 version 0.3b-1
HELP FILE (02/16/2003)

Erica Andrews ( 2003 . All rights reserved . See the 'LICENSE' file for a copy of the W3C license this software is distributed under .

View the 'SYSTEM_REQUIREMENTS.txt' file or click 'Help' then 'System Requirements' on the menu .

View the 'VIDEO_SUPPORT.txt' file or click 'Help' then 'Video Support' on the menu .

You should be able to run this program by simply typing 'ganim8' . If you move or rename the file /usr/share/gAnim8/, you will need to edit the startup script at /usr/X11R6/bin/ganim8 appropriately . There is NO COMPILING REQUIRED for gAnim8 (it's a Python script) . However, if you did not download the a copy of gAnim8 that has Gifsicle bundled with it, you will need to either download a binary copy or download the source and compile it yourself . You can get the latest Gifsicle source code and binary packages (RPM) from .

ICON: There is an icon for this application at /usr/share/pixmaps/ganim8_icon.png

gAnim8 has been tested in the following environment: SuSe 8.1, Mandrake 8.2, Kernel 2.4.8-34/2.4.19, Glibc 2.2.4/2.2.5, Python 2.2, PyGTK 0.6.9-1 and PyGTK 0.6.9-3, PyGnome 1.4.1-1 and 1.4.2-3, Gtk+ 1.2.8-4/1.2.10, Imlib, Gnome 1.4, IceWM 1.2.5/1.2.6, gifsicle 1.3.0 and ungifsicle 1.3.0, FFMPEG version 0.4.6/0.4.7, ImageMagick 5.2.3 and . Alot of distros have 'xalf' running - I have 'xalf' REMOVED from my system as it tended to make Python apps hang on startup and not run correctly . gAnim8 runs well with at least 64 MB of memory and a Pentium 1 processor (nothing spectacular required) .

I'm going to make this short and sweet, since most of this is self explanatory .

You absolutely NEED Gifsicle installed to get ANY use out of gAnim8 whatsoever . Both the 'gifsicle' and 'gifview' executables from the Gifsicle package must be in your PATH . The executables MUST be named 'gifsicle' and 'gifview' . If they are not under those names, please sym-link them into your PATH somewhere . Gifsicle is needed for all the GIF modifications and manipulations, and 'gifview' is needed for previewing your animations . You can download the source for Gifsicle at:

In addition, you should be able to find some RPMs for Gifsicle over on . If you have downloaded the gAnim8 RPM which has Gifsicle bundled inside, you have nothing to worry about: You should be set and ready to go .

To start a new animation sequence: Click 'File', then 'New' . Then you can click the 'Insert' button in the window to add your first frame .

To open an animated GIF or single-framed GIF file: Just click 'File', then 'Open'

To set the dimensions for a loaded GIF file: Click 'This Animation Sequence', then 'Set Dimensions...'

To extract all the frames from a loaded GIF file: Click 'File', then 'Extract All Frames to Directory...'

You can save your animation as either an animate GIF or a video by clicking 'File' on the menu and selecting the appropriate option .

Ok, the rest should be pretty obvious . Pay attention to the tool-tips that popup, as they will give you most of the help you need .

1 . Gifsicle (the program that drives gAnim8) only supports GIF files . If you wish to open and insert images that are NOT in GIF format, you will need to have ImageMagick's 'convert' binary installed on your PATH (ImageMagick version 5.2.3+ required, version or better recommended) . This will add support for over 110 additional image formats . Support for non-GIF images seems to be working very well but is still considered 'experimental' . If gAnim8 is unable to convert your non-GIF image automatically, you may try to convert it yourself by opening the 'gAnim8 Conversion Tool', which is on the menu under 'Tools' .
2 . Background Color and Interlaced: These features pertain to the whole GIF animation sequence .
3 . Transparent Color and Transparency: These features pertain to each individual frame in the animation, and you will see them change accordingly as you click each frame .
4 . gAnim8 uses GdkImlib to display images . If your image cannot be loaded by GdkImlib, it can't be loaded by gAnim8 . So, if you are using GIFs that are made in some weird proprietary format that only certain programs or operating systems can open, expect trouble .


gAnim8, the gAnim8 Conversion Tool, and GtkSnapshot are Copyright (c) 2003-2005 by Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at'] All rights reserved. See the license file for a copy of the W3C license this software is distributed under. Gifsicle and Ungifsicle are copyright by Eddie Kohler ( Any use, modificiation, or redistribution of gAnim8 or it components not in accordance with the license is strictly prohibited.

Last Update: April 29, 2005

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