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Quick, easy, mass-production of web page "buttons"


PHPaint is intended for the easy creation, editing, and previewing of "buttons" for web pages.

PHPaint is open source, free software.  PHPaint is distributed under the General Public License (GPL) Agreement, which permits you to use, modify, and redistribute copies PHPaint, but does not permit you to include PHPaint in any proprietary programs or distribute PHPaint for any type of profit. By using this software, you are automatically bound to the license agreement. If you do not agree to the license agreement, you may not use PHPaint.

LATEST NEWS: Version 2.1 has been released!! (07/16/2002)

What Is PHPaint?:
PHPaint is intended for the easy creation, editing, and previewing of "buttons" for web pages. The hope is to greatly ease the Web Developer's task of creating "buttons" for web pages, allowing them to move on to more important tasks. If you are trying to build a web "frontend" to a big database, do you REALLY have time to fiddle with image editors to created "buttons"? No. PHPaint is NOT intended to be an all-purpose image editor for ordinary desktop users. It is intended for Web Developers (probably PHP developers) who are interested in speeding up the process of creating the actual user interface for a web site. PHPaint uses PHP, the GD Library, and the FreeType module, technologies familiar to most PHP developers. Most people using the GD/Freetype modules create image scripts that don't allow such things as the colors, font, font size, and padding to be changed without having to change the image script itself.  This is fine if you want to create a set of uniform images, only changing the text.  However, these kinds of image scripts aren't very useful if you need to create a number of images with different fonts, colors, font sizes, etc.  It is also not very fun having to continuously re-edit the image script to find the best-looking colors.  PHPaint allows you to use one PHP script for all of the images you create with GD and FreeType.  The program comes with a re-usable image script that allows for complete control over the colors, font, font size, and padding without ever having to change the script itself.  All of the images characteristics are controlled through the IMG tag, which is automatically generated by PHPaint for each new image you create.  Simply copy and paste the generate IMG tags into your page, put the re-usable script into the same web server directory as your web page(s), and your images are done.  The program also allows you to preview your images with any color background in real-time.  PHPaint uses PHP4 and Javascript technologies. 

Take an online TEST DRIVE to get a better idea of PHPaint's features.

PHPaint is Copyright 1999-2005 by Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at'] See the license file for a copy of the GPL license this software is distributed under. Any use, modificiation, or redistribution of PHPaint or it components not in accordance with the license is strictly prohibited.

Last Update: April 29, 2005
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