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Animation and video suite for the Gtk/Gnome desktop environment



LATEST NEWS [4/29/2005]: These pages have just moved to a NEW SERVER. The site might be under construction for some time.
LATEST NEWS [2/17/2003]: gAnim8 version 0.3 has been released! Check out the features page for a list of the latest great features.   New screenshots added!.    Download the latest version.
LATEST NEWS [2/16/2003]: All gAnim8 components now feature internationalization/gettext support. gAnim8 now available in SPANISH! Download the latest version.
LATEST NEWS [2/16/2003]: gAnim8 Conversion Tool version 0.2 has been released. Download the latest version.
LATEST NEWS [2/16/2003]: GtkSnapshot version 0.1 has been released - a new Gtk-based screen capture utility, and a new addition to gAnim8. Download the latest version.


The gAnim8 Conversion Tool is a small, easy-to-use image conversion utility developed during the gAnim8 version 0.2 development cycle. It has received many bug fixes and improvements in version 0.3. The current version of the gAnim8 Conversion Tool is 0.2-beta. The gAnim8 Conversion Tool is a tool built into the gAnim8 suite. However, the gAnim8 Conversion Tool is also available as a stand-alone program for those who are interested. If you need a stand-alone version of the gAnim8 Conversion Tool, you may download a copy from the SourceForge files section. Remember, the gAnim8 Conversion Tool is part of gAnim8, so there is NO need to download the stand-alone version unless you NEED the Conversion Tool to run outside of gAnim8. At this time, the gAnim8 Conversion Tool is still considered "experimental" (but then, again, what open source project isn't).

The gAnim8 Conversion Tool is basically a frontend for ImageMagick's 'convert' utility. Most linux systems have a copy of ImageMagick's 'convert' binary (/usr/bin/convert). However, you may need to install (or upgrade) your copy of ImageMagick if you haven't done so within the past year. The current version of the gAnim8 Conversion Tool is built for ImageMagick versions 5.2.3 - (or better).

Supported Image Formats:

Remember, that ImageMagick may require external libraries/programs to process some of these image types (PDF,Seattle File Works, etc.). You NEED to read the ImageMagick site for information on the external programs (or delegates) needed, if any, for these image formats. The gAnim8 Conversion Tool does all its reading and writing of images through ImageMagick, so if ImageMagick can't convert something on your system, don't blame the Conversion Tool - fix ImageMagick.

Formats gAnim Conversion Tool can Convert FROM
Formats gAnim Conversion Tool can Convert TO

Screen Shot:


RUNNING THE PROGRAM: You should be able to launch the program by simply executing 'ganim8ct', or by executing 'python /usr/share/gAnim8/' .

This program requires Python 2.2 or better, Python Numeric, PyGTK 0.6.9 or better, Gtk+ 1.2.8-4 or better, Imlib or better, ImageMagick 5.2.3 or better (5.4.6 or better recommended) . Recommended but not required: gifsicle 1.3.0 or better for GIF compression .

You can get the latest Gifsicle source code and binary packages (RPM) from

NOTE: This program is built on top of Gifsicle, so you can do nothing with gAnim8 until you get Gifsicle:

There are some RPMS for Gifsicle on and

The ImageMagick package can be found on both and .

gAnim8, the gAnim8 Conversion Tool, and GtkSnapshot are distributed under the W3C License . This program and its source may be freely modified and redistributed for non-commercial, non-profit use only . Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its documentation, with or without modification, for any purpose and WITHOUT FEE OR ROYALTY is hereby granted, provided these credits are left in-tact and a copy of the 'LICENSE' document accompanies all copies of this software . COPYRIGHT HOLDERS WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT,INDIRECT, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF ANY USE OF THE SOFTWARE OR DOCUMENTATION . See the document 'LICENSE' for a complete copyof this software license agreement .

The gAnim8 Conversion Tool is VERY self-explanatory (look at the screen shot). I don't intend to write a help file or tutorial for this utility, as anybody with basic common sense can figure it out. 8-)

Copies of the the stand-alone version of the gAnim8 Conversion Tool can be found at the SourceForge Files Section.

gAnim8, the gAnim8 Conversion Tool, and GtkSnapshot are Copyright (c) 2003-2005 by Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at'] All rights reserved. See the license file for a copy of the W3C license this software is distributed under. Gifsicle and Ungifsicle are copyright by Eddie Kohler ( Any use, modificiation, or redistribution of gAnim8 or it components not in accordance with the license is strictly prohibited.

Last Update: April 29, 2005

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