CJ's Technical Playground
Warning: Most of these code examples are from 15-20 YEARS ago (OLD STUFF). All projects and sites listed here in Technical Playground are currently UNMAINTAINED, not being actively updated, and are available for HISTORIC and research purposes only. Use at your own risk.
PHPPython and JythonShockwaveVRMLXML

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Welcome To My Technical Playground!  On this page you wil see LOTS of samples of some of the programming & scripting I've been doing.  In particular, you will see lots of Java,Python, PHP, MySQL, Corba, and JDBC/database-related programming on this page.  While I realize all kinds of people may be using this page, this page is intended for potential employers, to help them get an understanding of my programming skills.

Main Attractions:

gAnim8 - An animation suite for the Gtk/Gnome environment (linux/posix)
Ice Sound Manager - A Gtk-based sound events and sound theme manager for IceWM (linux/posix)
PHPaint - A web page "button" factory, for rapid development of web sites, using PHP, GD, and FreeType
GtkRun - A Gtk-based "Run..." dialog for Linux
GRealBookmarks - Gtk-based bookmark manager for Real Player (linux version)
cyJNDI-cyJMS - A free naming and messaging application server over SSL secure socket
GtkPengAOL - Gtk-based frontend for PengAOL, for Linux
Blackplanet.com Buddylist - Multiplatform. Tkinter-based buddy list for Blackplanet.com
tkPCCard - Tkinter-based PCMCIA card manager
Java Explorer - File manager, compression, and middleware tools
RMI Administrator - View, explore, and manage Java RMI-bound objects
JNDIce  version 1.3 - View, explore, and manage objects bound to a Java JNDI namespace

Please be aware that the server-side applications (PHP, Python, Perl, MySQL, Servlets, RMI, Python, JSP, Corba, EJB, etc.) shown here cannot be tested on this site, since they are stored on the America Online server, which does not permit customers to execute scripts & applications.  My IIS and Apache servers are on a private network, not permenantly connected to the internet. So, there is no way for me to make these scripts continuously available for testing.  You are welcome to view the scripts and even download and test them on your own server, if you wish.  (However, please don't steal them.  All of these scripts are copyrighted by me unless otherwise noted.) 

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