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Animation and video suite for the Gtk/Gnome desktop environment



LATEST NEWS [4/29/2005]: These pages have just moved to a NEW SERVER. The site might be under construction for some time.
LATEST NEWS [2/17/2003]: gAnim8 version 0.3 has been released! Check out the features page for a list of the latest great features.   New screenshots added!.    Download the latest version.
LATEST NEWS [2/16/2003]: All gAnim8 components now feature internationalization/gettext support. gAnim8 now available in SPANISH! Download the latest version.
LATEST NEWS [2/16/2003]: gAnim8 Conversion Tool version 0.2 has been released. Download the latest version.
LATEST NEWS [2/16/2003]: GtkSnapshot version 0.1 has been released - a new Gtk-based screen capture utility, and a new addition to gAnim8. Download the latest version.


New Features In Version 0.3
- GtkSnapshot: a screenshot utility using ImageMagick's 'import' program
- Drag-and-drop support for gAnim8, the gAnim8 Conversion Tool, and GtkSnapshot
- Printing capabilities using PyPrint
- Video support is now implemented through FFMPEG ('mpeg2decode' is no longer used.)
- Support for reading the following video types: MPEG AVI ASF WMV SWF REALPLAYER M4V MOV
- Support for writing the following video types: MPEG AVI ASF WMV SWF REALPLAYER M4V
- Ability to configure different 'preview' applications for each video type
- Video recording capabilities added under the 'Tools' menu ("Record Video...")
- Support for recording the following video types: MPEG AVI ASF WMV SWF REALPLAYER M4V
- Faster video opening, creation, and saving (thanks to FFMPEG)
- Drag-and-drop video frames from the video preview window
- Drag-and-drop importation of videos directly into the animation sequence
- Added a 'briefcase' for session files (under 'Tools' menu)
- Screenshot capture capabilities added under 'Tools' menu (GtkSnapshot)
- Locale/Internationalization support
- Spanish language support implemented
- Default image editor is now 'gimp-remote' (instead of 'gimp')
- Default video previewer is now 'mplayer'
- Added "New users" and "What's New?" to the 'Help' menu
- Updated and improved help documentation

(see the system requirements for info on these new features.)

Other great features...
Viewing and previewing of both animated Gifs and still-framed Gifs
Logical layout for the animation sequence
Integrated help and popup tool tips
Support for three levels of optimization to help reduce Gif file size
Support for interlacing
Support for Gif comments
Support for reading/opening over 110 image formats (via ImageMagick)
Built-in image conversion tool known as 'The gAnim8 Conversion Tool'
Frames in animation sequences are moveable (see the screen shots)
Detachable frame for easier viewing of large images.
Smoother GUI interface with less wasted space
'Grey Scale' tweak for images in the animation sequence
Easy modification of transparent color properties
Extract all frames to a directory of your choice
Extract a single frame to the file or your choice
Enable/disable transparency
Set the transparent color for any Gif
Easy modification of any image's colors
Insert/Delete frames from an animation
Support for looping, loop delay, and loop count
Flip/Rotate individual images within the animation sequence
Scale any Gif or animated Gif to any size you wish
Start/Stop animation previews with the click of a button
gAnim8 works with temporary copies of any Gif you open. So, 'playing around' with your images will NOT damage the original copies. (All temporary files are deleted automatically by gAnim8 - no "cache" or wasted disk space after the program exits)
and more...

See the Screen shots to get a better idea of gAnim8's features.

gAnim8, the gAnim8 Conversion Tool, and GtkSnapshot are Copyright (c) 2003-2005 by Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at'] All rights reserved. See the license file for a copy of the W3C license this software is distributed under. Gifsicle and Ungifsicle are copyright by Eddie Kohler ( Any use, modificiation, or redistribution of gAnim8 or it components not in accordance with the license is strictly prohibited.

Last Update: April 29, 2005

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