D.C. Protective Services Police

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D.C. Protective Services Police

Industry Experience:
District of Columbia Courts NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration D.C. Metropolitan Police Department D.C. Protective Services Police Department U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security

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Citywide Credentialing Program [2006-2007]:

I served as the Operations Manager, Deputy Program Manager, and IT Specialist for the District of Columbia government's Citywide Credentialing Program and was the primary author of the District Government's Policies and Standard Operating Procedures regulating this City-wide modernization initiative.
The Citywide Credentialing Program operates under the authority of the D.C. Protective Services Police Department, which controls the security in and around all District government buildings, servicing over 90 District government agencies. As Operations Manager, I supervised all credentialing operators, served as the primary Technical Architect for all data migration and integration projects involving our PicturePerfect ID system, organized and managed mass distribution events, and helped construct and enforce policy governing the issuing and use of the Citywide Credential identification cards throughout the District government. In addition, I managed day-to-day operations for the Citywide Credentialing Program, which controlled 95% of all DC government ID and electronic access cards and represented $1.5M in supply inventory and equipment. Finally, I advised the D.C. Protective Services Police Chief, Program Manager, and members of executive leadership of business processes requiring reengineering to support technology and security improvements, identified emerging risks, and recommended mitigation strategies.

To date, the Citywide Credentialing Program has distributed over 16,000 identification cards to District government employees and contractors. These cards are part of an initiative with the US Department of Homeland Security to make the District a safer place to work. The new ID card serves the following functions:
    - Official District government photo ID for admittance into all District government buildings
    - Provides electronic access cards to secured areas with appropriate authorization
    - Facilitates your commute to and from work with its built-in Metro SmarTrip card
    - Offers improved security through standardization and accountability
    - Prevents counterfeiting through the use of holographic technology
    - Reduces the number of cards you will need to carry

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