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Warning: Most of these code examples are from 15-20 YEARS ago (OLD STUFF). All projects and sites listed here in Technical Playground are currently UNMAINTAINED, not being actively updated, and are available for HISTORIC and research purposes only. Use at your own risk.
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NOTE: The majority of my Python applications are now on the
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Blackplanet.com Buddy List
Multi-platform. This is a Tkinter-based GUI, useful for users of BlackPlanet.com who need a REAL buddy list that actually tells you when your friends sign online. Requirements: an account on
Blackplanet.com, Python 2.2 or above, TCL-TK 8.3.4 or above, and Tkinter 2.2 or above. Known to work on both Linux AND Windows!

Download the Python Script (4 KB)
Screen Shot
This program also requires the URLRead.py Script to be in the same directory. (8 KB)

Multi-platform. This python script simplifies retrieving URLS via the HTTP protocol. It does not support FTP or HTTPS. It quickly retrieves the text of any available URL via HTTP. In addition, it provides extensive support for session cookies, privacy, and the concept of "user names" associated with session cookies. This allows for a type of "firewall" separation of cookies on an as-needed basis, particularly when you are using a web-enabled program that must imitate multiple concurrent sessions, often to the same web sites. In such a case, you need to isolate groups of cookies to maintain data integrity. It also supports error messages via a Tkinter dialog window (which can be easily disabled), and supports both post and get methods. Requirements: Python 2.2 or above, TCL-TK 8.3.4 or above, and Tkinter 2.2 or above. Known to work on both Linux AND Windows!

Usage is as simple as calling this method:


The only parameter truly "required" is my_url. If you wish to perform a post operation, set doGet=0. If you wish to disable the GUI dialog warnings, set showWarnings=0. Change _referer to anything that suits you. Need to do forms? Just populate the cgi_params dictionary/hash. Lastly, if you need to work with session cookies, set cookie_user_name to any string of at least one character and use the same name whenever you want to access that particular set of cookies. That's it!

Download the Python Script (8 KB)

A Python version of my PHP3 Bar Graph 
    Python file
(To get an idea, check out the Javascript version.)
(Originally scipted in PHP3, then ASP. Also scripted in  Perl,  and JSP)

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