<%-- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copyright by Erica Andrews aka CyLiKoN JeZuZ aka Li'L CJ, December 26, 1999. No one is permitted to implement this script or any portion of it on their site without the express written ' consent of the author (cylikon@hotmail.com). All rights reserved. This script was hand-coded in Java Server Pages (JSP) by Erica on Dec. 26, 1999 Creates a bar graph based on information chosen by the user Allows the user to chose their favorite color scheme for the graph Demonstrates how JSP can be used as an office or educational application. Professional-looking graphs with the click of a button. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --%>
JSP Graph by Erica

(Enter a name for each bar)
(Enter any number between 0 and 1,000 for each bar)
Choose a Color Scheme:
<%-- replacing old Graph Title with new graph title --%> <%-- start filling the graph with new bar names and values --%> <%-- replacing bars with requested color and stretching bars to appropriate length --%>
<%= request.getParameter("GraphTitle") %>
<%= request.getParameter("Name1") %>
.gif" width="<%= request.getParameter("Bar1") %>" height="25"> (<%= request.getParameter("Bar1") %>)
<%= request.getParameter("Name2") %>
.gif" width="<%= request.getParameter("Bar2") %>" height="25"> (<%= request.getParameter("Bar2") %>)
<%= request.getParameter("Name3") %>
.gif" width="<%= request.getParameter("Bar3") %>" height="25"> (<%= request.getParameter("Bar3") %>)
<%= request.getParameter("Name4") %>
.gif" width="<%= request.getParameter("Bar4") %>" height="25"> (<%= request.getParameter("Bar4") %>)

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