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Warning: Most of these code examples are from 15-20 YEARS ago (OLD STUFF). All projects and sites listed here in Technical Playground are currently UNMAINTAINED, not being actively updated, and are available for HISTORIC and research purposes only. Use at your own risk.
PHPPython and JythonShockwaveVRMLXML

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JavaMail JSP with JavaScript:
This JSP script uses a bean to send mail with JavaMail API.   All mail validation, message contruction, and sending is done within the JSP's bean.  This JSP script uses JavaScript to gather additional information about the sender.  The JavaScript attempts to find out if the user has Java enabled in their browser, what kind of plugins the user has on their browser, and the referring URL.: 

JSP Script: 

: PHPaint is my first contribution to the freeware/open-source community.  Using a combination of PHP3 and Javascript technology, PHPaint provides a very effective graphical interface for creating, manipulationg, and previewing images made "on the fly" using PHP, the GD Library, and the FreeType module. 
The program allows a web developer to have complete control over dynamic images using only one reusable script for all their images. 
Download PHPaint v1.0 (122 KB) 
More info on PHPaint
Source for PHPaint
Source for the reusable image script in PHPaint

Javascript Bar Graph

(Originally scipted in PHP3, then ASP. Also scripted in  Perl, Python , and JSP)

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