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A full-featured Yahoo client for LINUX with voice chat and webcam support. Mission: To focus on thorough Y! support on Linux only. Philosophy: Trying to do multi-protocol / cross-platform clients slows progress and results in half-baked support - One protocol, one OS...done well.       Support Forum

LATEST NEWS [3/13/2006]: Several bug fixes and updates have been added to the Gyach-E CVS Repository. A formal release of version 1.0.8 is on the way as time allows.
NEWS [4/29/2005]: These pages have just moved to a NEW SERVER. The site might be under construction for some time.
NEWS [04/04/2005]: Gyach Enhanced 1.0.7 is available: A major bug which could cause repeated disconnections has been fixed, and handling of the Yahoo mobile messenger buddy group has been improved. Webcam broadcasting support has been extended to include several additional camera devices. The spam control module has been updated, and the login window's interface has been improved. Several minor updates to IMVironment support and other features have been made. THANKS to Mark Alexander (marka ['at'] and Natanael Copa (n ['at'] for the patches they have contributed for webcam support.   List of NEW FEATURES.   DOWNLOAD   Installation Help
NEWS [04/04/2005]: Gyach-E Webcam Utilities version 0.4 is now available for Download: Webcam broadcasting support has been extended to include several additional camera devices. THANKS to Mark Alexander (marka ['at'] and Natanael Copa (n ['at'] for the patches they contributed for OV519 and Logitech Quickcam for Notebook Pro devices.

GYach Enhanced: Webcam Support

Gyache-Webcam, Gyache-Broadcaster, and pY Web Cam
are Copyright (c) 2003-2005, Erica Andrews
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

DO NOT E-MAIL ME WITH QUESTIONS, REQUESTS FOR HELP, OR REQUESTS FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT REGARDING ANY OF THE SOFTWARE ON THIS SITE: NO EXCEPTIONS. You will only receive automated responses. No technical support is being offered to the general public. Remember, the GNU General Public License entitles you to free software, but it does not indicate you are entitled to or 'owed' free tech support. This software is distributed as-is, with No Warranty.


The Gyach Enhanced webcam support consists of 3 external programs:

        Gyache-Webcam, pY Web Cam, and Gyache-Broadcaster.

Please read their individual sections for more specific information, as well as the links and other information below. All of the webcam utilities are EXTERNAL applications, capable of being used as PLUGINS by other Y! chat applications.

Latest Features and Version
Screen Shots (from version 0.1)
Webcam Utilities README File
Gyach Enhanced README File

The pre-built versions Gyach Enhanced webcam utilities (Gyache-Webcam, Gyache-Broadcaster, and pY Web Cam) are now contained in all 'i586' RPM packages in the Download Area. So, Intel users, if you download one of these RPM packages, you will ALREADY have all of these webcam utilities: There is no need to download them separately. Intel Binary packages for the current version of Gyach Enhanced contain the webcam utilites with Jasper compiled into the webcam utilites (So, Intel users do NOT have to download libJasper if they download an 'i586' package.). If you download an 'i586' .tar.bz2 package, you can add webcam support simply by downloading and installing the latest gyachE-Webcam-Utilities-*-i586.tar.bz2 packages.

These webcam utilites all use libJasper/Jasper (not libJ2K!). If you compile Gyach Enhanced or the webcam utilities from source, you REALLY need to use the version of libJasper provided in the
Download Area (either the source or the pre-compiled version of libJasper, scroll down to the bottom to the 'Supplemental Packages' section.) This version of libJasper provided in the Download Area is a PATCHED version that fixes several bad memory leaks in the official version libJasper that can lead to slowed performance and even crashes. If you choose to use these webcam utilities WITHOUT the recommended patched version of libJasper in the Download Area, expect problems! You are strongly discouraged from using unpatched libJasper/Jasper installations, as the official Jasper release contains memory leaks bad enough to grind the system to a halt after a few minutes of viewing and/or broadcasting (you have been warned.) Most of the versions provided by Linux distributions are UNPATCHED and should either be replaced with the patched copy in the Download Area or patched with the patch available on the Ayttm site ( The patched copy in the download area has been patched with the patch issued by the Ayttm team.

Users of pre-compiled versions of Gyach Enhanced ('i586', RPM packages) do NOT need to worry about the libJasper requirement, as an appropriate patched copy of libJasper is already included inside the program, but will not affect any currently installed versions of Jasper/libJasper you may already have on your system. Users of pre-compiled Gyach Enhanced versions will only need to install one of the libJasper packages if they wish to use pY Web Cam, which requires access to the 'jasper' executable. Users of the gyachE-Webcam-Utilities-*-i586.tar.bz2 packages also do not need to install Jasper/libJasper, as it is already compiled into the program(s).

  Gyach Enhanced, Gyache-Webcam,
  Gyache-Broadcaster, and pY Web Cam
  are in NO way endorsed by or 
  affiliated with Yahoo! (tm).
  Yahoo! (tm) is a registered 
  trademark of Yahoo! 

This program requires the
patched version of Jasper/libJasper.

This program requires the
patched version of Jasper/libJasper.

This program requires the
patched version of Jasper/libJasper.

Using the Gyach Enhanced Webcam Utilities As Plugins For Other Y! Chat Programs:

GyachE-CamToy is NOT part of Gyach-Enhanced: It is a simple camera program that resulted from me creating the Gyach Enhanced webcam utilities:

GyachE-CamToy has a user interface very similiar to the old GQCam program and originated from the Gyach Enhanced Webcam Broacaster code. A simple, UNMAINTAINTED program for saving webcam images in various formats using Gdk-Pixbuf and ImageMagick's 'convert' executable. Gyach-E CamToy currently supports saving webcam images in the following formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, PNM/PPM, PDF, PS, XPM, MIFF, MNG, PCD, PCX, PICT, PTIF, RAS, TGA, TIFF, WBMP. Most of these formats (except Jpeg and Png) are handled through ImageMagick's 'convert' binary. Note: By default, Gyach-E Webcam tries to use /dev/video0 as the camera device. If you wish to use another device, run the program like this: 'gyache-camtoy /dev/video2'   'gyache-camtoy /dev/video4' or whatever to suit your V4L device. GyachE-CamToy is UNMAINTAINED and UNSUPPORTED, but it is available for whoever wants it in the
Download Area - scroll to the bottom in the 'Supplemental Packages' section. (A screenshot is available at the bottom of the page.)


GYache-Webcam Viewer (version 0.1, a nice view of a wall: the numbers at the bottom are the IP address of the cam we are viewing - blocked out, of course)

GYache-Broadcaster (version 0.1, a nice view of a wall: streaming cam images to one user, shown on the right)

GYache-Broadcaster (version 0.1, the camera properties window for easily adjusting the camera)

GYache-Broadcaster (version 0.1, streaming webcam images, and a view of the very advanced 'viewing permissions' options for automatic denying-allowing of users to our cam)

GyachE-CamToy, version 0.1   [Click to enlarge]

pY! Voice Chat, PyTSP, PyESD, Gyache-Webcam, Gyache-Broadcaster, and pY Web Cam are copyright (c) 2002-2005, Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at'] Gyach Enhanced is copyright (c) 2003-2005, Erica Andrews and copyright (c) 2000-2002, Chris Pinkham (cpinkham [at] Gyach Enhanced is neither endorsed by or assisted by the author of the original Gyach, Chris Pinkham. The Gyach Enhanced and the original Gyach are two separate software projects. GYach Enhanced, pY! Voice Chat, and PyTSP are NOT endorsed by or affiliated with Yahoo! (tm) or DSP Group's TrueSpeech (tm) in anyway whatsoever. pY! Voice Chat, PyTSP, PyESD, Gyache-Webcam, Gyache-Broadcaster, pY Web Cam, Gyach Enhanced, and the Gyach Enhanced plugins are distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Last Update: 04/29/2005
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