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LATEST NEWS [4/29/2005]: These pages have just moved to a NEW SERVER. The site might be under construction for some time.
LATEST NEWS [1/23/2004]: Attention Windows XP Users: The Windows .EXE for Pytho˝ol/PyBabelPhish does NOT run on Windows XP. However, it's known to run on Win98/95. So, XP users are just out of luck. Do NOT report this as a 'bug': the 'bug' is XP impersonating an operating system.
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: Pytho˝ol 2.1 is now available: Major installation bug fix, Python 2.3 and Mac OS X compatibility, a database upgrade, and user interface improvements. A new Windows .exe binary is available for this release.  New features   New screenshots.   Download   This site has a new color scheme...finally!
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: PyBabelPhish 2.1 is available: A major installation bug fix and several user interface improvements.  New features   Download
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: PyPrint 0.3 now available: Finally ported to PyGtk-2, with several interface improvements.   New features.   Download.
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: PyInstallShield 0.5.1 now available: Bug fixes and interface improvements.   New features.   Download.

Screen Shots:

Verb Conjugation Tab - on SuSE Linux
Thesaurus Tab - on SuSE Linux
Spanish-English Dictionary Tab - on SuSE Linux
Idioms Tab - on SuSE Linux
Pronunciation Tab - on SuSE Linux
Verb Browser Tab - on SuSE Linux
An Animated Help Window - on SuSE Linux
Vocabulary Quiz Window - on SuSE Linux
Translation Exercise Window - on SuSE Linux
Spanish 'Colors' Window - on SuSE Linux
Translation Tab (embedded PyBabelPhish) - on SuSE Linux
Creating A Vocabulary List - on SuSE Linux
A Reading Comprehension Exercise - on SuSE Linux
Viewing a 'Reference Section' Document - on SuSE Linux
The Theme-Selector Window, also used in PyBabelPhish - on SuSE Linux

Pytho˝ol on Windows:
Pytho˝ol - on Windows 98 #1 - Dictionary Tab
Pytho˝ol - on Windows 98 #2 - Conjugate Tab
Pytho˝ol - on Windows 98 #3 - A Help Window
Pytho˝ol - on Windows 98 #4 - The Colors Window

Main PyBabelPhish Window (Stand-alone mode) - on SuSE Linux
Translation Service Selection Window - on SuSE Linux
Main PyBabelPhish Window (Stand-alone mode) - on Windows 98

PyInstallShield Main Window (Installation) - on SuSE Linux
PyInstallShield License Window (Installation) - on SuSE Linux

PyPrint: 'Print A Document' Window (version 0.3, Gtk-2)
PyPrint: LPrng Spool Monitor Window (version 0.3, Gtk-2)

Pytho˝ol, PyBabelPhish, PyPrint, and PyInstallShield are Copyright (c) 2002-2005 by Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at'] See the license section for a copy of the licenses these programs are distributed under. Any use, modification, or redistribution of Pytho˝ol, PyBabelPhish, PyPrint, or PyInstallShield, or their components, not in accordance with their respective license is strictly prohibited. Neither the author of this software, nor any of the software itself, is endored by, supported by, or in any way affiliated with the authors of any of the following: PySQLite, SQLiite, Festival.

Last Update: April 29, 2005

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