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LATEST NEWS [4/29/2005]: These pages have just moved to a NEW SERVER. The site might be under construction for some time.
LATEST NEWS [1/23/2004]: Attention Windows XP Users: The Windows .EXE for Pytho˝ol/PyBabelPhish does NOT run on Windows XP. However, it's known to run on Win98/95. So, XP users are just out of luck. Do NOT report this as a 'bug': the 'bug' is XP impersonating an operating system.
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: Pytho˝ol 2.1 is now available: Major installation bug fix, Python 2.3 and Mac OS X compatibility, a database upgrade, and user interface improvements. A new Windows .exe binary is available for this release.  New features   New screenshots.   Download   This site has a new color scheme...finally!
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: PyBabelPhish 2.1 is available: A major installation bug fix and several user interface improvements.  New features   Download
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: PyPrint 0.3 now available: Finally ported to PyGtk-2, with several interface improvements.   New features.   Download.
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: PyInstallShield 0.5.1 now available: Bug fixes and interface improvements.   New features.   Download.

The Pytho˝ol Suite

The Pytho˝ol 'Dictionary' module - on SuSE Linux (Click image to enlarge.)

Pytho˝ol is my attempt to make a free, much-needed, all-in-one Spanish-English language educational software package for Linux. Pytho˝ol is a Gtk-based, Linux application that is written mostly in Python and does NOT require Gnome. The most important features of Pytho˝ol include: Verb conjugation, Spanish-English dictionary, Spanish-English thesaurus, Pronunciation, Verb Browser, Idioms, Quizzes, Full-text Translations, Reading Comprehension, Extensive animated Help, Printing capabilities, and Text-to-Speech (TTS) support. Pytho˝ol is even somewhat cross-platform, though my true efforts go into making Pytho˝ol run well on LINUX. However, standalone versions of Pytho˝ol are available for Windows, and 'source packages' of Pytho˝ol should be able to run on any platform capable of running Python 2.2 or higher, Gtk+ (version 2.0.0 or better), and PyGtk-2 (version 1.99/2.00 or better required). Nevertheless, Pytho˝ol was designed for LINUX/UNIX, with Linux/Unix interests in mind first. See the Help Files if you need help on using Pytho˝ol. Pytho˝ol is free and open source under the Free Education Initiative License.

To get a quick glimpse of what Pytho˝ol can do, look at the Screen Shots.

Version 2.1 is now available: This is a major upgrade with speed, stability, installation, and user interface improvements as well as Mac OS X and Python 2.3 compatibility improvements. Also, a new Windows .EXE binary is available for this release.

NEW IN Pytho˝ol VERSION 2.1:

- Critical Update: Installation fix for packages using the PyInstallShield installer: A bug resulting from an unneeded 'import GTK' call which could cause installations to completely fail has been fixed.
- Critical Update: If you are currently using a child-friendly version of Pytho˝ol 2.0, you should upgrade immediately to version 2.1 or higher, as version 2.0 has a bug which allows 'inappropriate' content into the databases. This problem has been fixed in version 2.1, and my apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this problem. All known 'adult' content has been quarantined to the 'mature' database, as it should be.
- Critical Update: Pythonol has been upgraded to use PySQLite version 0.5.0 and SQLite version 2.8.8, this has brought some speed improvements, and most certainly adds more stability to the database layer of the application. Users who need to recompile the PySQLite module used by Pythonol will need to make sure they compile against SQLite 2.8.8 (exactly)
- Critical Bug Fix: Fixed bugs in the Idioms lister and the Verb Browers which could inadvertently send a very memory-intensive 'cross join' query to the underlying SQLite databases
- Major Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where the 'Translate' module (PyBabelPhish) might refuse to retrieve translations when running on non-Linux/Unix systems such as Windows and Mac OS X. - Portability improvements: Several compatibility changes have been made to support Python 2.3 as well as Python 2.2
- Portability improvements: Several compatibility changes have been made to improve support for running Pythonol on Windows, and now, Mac OS X (though the application could not be tested on Mac OS X, changes suggested from Mac OS X users were implemented.) - Pythonol is now known to run on the Mac OS X operating system, and a new Windows .exe is available for this release
- A bug which could lead to 'unknown encoding' warnings on the console has been fixed.
- User Interface enhancement: Icons on the buttons in the application now use Gtk stock icons, instead of external pixmaps
- User Interface enhancement: Gtk stock icons have been added to all menus and dialog messages
- Cleanups: Many duplicates have been removed from the global dictionaries, and the mature content dictionary
- Improved searching: Searching for one database has been improved by eliminating the 'blob' in the database and replacing it with a 'varchar' column.
- Help animations: All help animations have been redone; The animations are cleaner, up-to-date, and in .png format instead of .jpg; In addition, the sizes of the animation frames is now normalized (scaled to a uniform size), and animations now completely fill they animation window (UI improvement); The rate of animation has been slowed down a little to accomodate slower readers
- Animated help is now enabled on non-Linux/Unix systems such as Windows and OS X, provided the GdkPixbuf and LibPng libraries are properly installed
- User interface improvements have been made to the 'Search' window that pops up from the 'Conjugate' module; search results should be a little easier to read and scroll through
- Translation Exercise updates: Many new translatable sentences have been added to the beginner, mid-level, and advanced translation exercises.
- User interface improvements have been made to the 'Translation' Exercise: the interface is cleaner and uses alot less screen space (this should help lower resolution users)
- The Thesaurus module now generally returns a few more matches when searching the Thesaurus
- External pixmaps have been removed from the Spanish Letters Toolbar (regular character Labels are now used), and a new 'Clear All Text' button has been added to the toolbar which clears all the text from the associated text entry or text box.
- Theme support added: Click 'Settings'-> 'Appearance...' on the menu to manage the theme and font; This makes it easier for Windows and Mac OS X users to manage the appearance of Pythonol, and users of all operating systems can simply copy or link their favorite Gtk-2 themes into the ./theme/gtk/ subdirectory. (Many themes require 'theme engines'; these are already included in the Windows .exe binary, and other users can easily find and compile them for their system.). Pythonol now applys themes on ALL operating systems, not just Windows/non-Linux systems.
- Bug fix: Preferences saving on Windows: Pythonol will now try to save the preferences file in the directory specified in the environment variable 'WINDIR' if the environment variable 'HOME' does not exist.
- Bug Fix: Encoding specifications have been added to all python modules to prevent the warning on the console about 'unknown encoding' when running Pythonol on Python version 2.3
- The application's copyright has been updated to accomodate the New Year

Pytho˝ol Features:
- Spanish verb conjugation with English translations next to each conjugation.
- Conjugates 28 Spanish verb tenses
- Text-to-Speech Spanish reading (Pythonol Talks!)
- A Spanish thesaurus and an English thesaurus.
- Full-text translations (sentences, phrases, etc.) through the embedded PyBabelPhish module.
- Your choice of 8 translation services for full-text translation: Google, Altavista - Babelfish, SysTranBox, Lingua-Phile, FreeTranslations, interNOSTRUM, Reverso, and Traductor Universia
- Listing and searching of thousands of Spanish idioms (common phrases and expressions).
- Listing and searching of thousands of English idioms (common phrases and expressions).
- A 'Verb Browser' that allows you to browse thousands of Spanish verbs, all with definitions provided.
- The ability to browse known Spanish 'verb families'.
- Vocabulary quiz exercise.
- Translation exercise using the embedded PyBabelPhish module.
- Create random vocablulary lists for your own study purposes (10, 25, 50, or 100 words)
- Reading comprehension exercises, many with 'quizzes' at the end.
- A large 'Reference Section' of Spanish grammar topics, both basic and advanced.
- An integrated 'Help' system with easy searching of Help topics.
- The 'Mature' version features all the 'fun' stuff most Spanish programs leave out.
- Mature content can be turned on/off in the 'Mature' version of Pytho˝ol.
- Ability to save the text in almost any window to a plain text file.
- ANY version of Pytho˝ol can be made into a permenantly 'Child-Friendly' version.
- Printing is supported on Linux/Unix versions through the embedded PyPrint module.
- Easy installation for .tar.gz/.tar.bz2 versions of Pytho˝ol through the use of the PyInstallShield module.

A full, technical breakdown of Pytho˝ol's capabilities (based on the NON-Child-Friendly version):
    English words: 73436   (Child-friendly: 72738)
    Spanish words: 73436   (Child-friendly: 72738)
    English and Spanish idioms: 27243   (Child-friendly: 26545)
THESAURUS: 18547 synonym categories

The Pytho˝ol 'Conjugate' module - on SuSE Linux (Click image to enlarge.)

An Animated Help Window - on Mandrake Linux (Click image to enlarge.)

MORE Screen Shots

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Pytho˝ol, PyBabelPhish, PyPrint, and PyInstallShield are Copyright (c) 2002-2005 by Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at'] See the license section for a copy of the licenses these programs are distributed under. Any use, modification, or redistribution of Pytho˝ol, PyBabelPhish, PyPrint, or PyInstallShield, or their components, not in accordance with their respective license is strictly prohibited. Neither the author of this software, nor any of the software itself, is endored by, supported by, or in any way affiliated with the authors of any of the following: PySQLite, SQLiite, Festival.

Last Update: April 29, 2005

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