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LATEST NEWS [4/29/2005]: These pages have just moved to a NEW SERVER. The site might be under construction for some time.
LATEST NEWS [1/23/2004]: Attention Windows XP Users: The Windows .EXE for Pytho˝ol/PyBabelPhish does NOT run on Windows XP. However, it's known to run on Win98/95. So, XP users are just out of luck. Do NOT report this as a 'bug': the 'bug' is XP impersonating an operating system.
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: Pytho˝ol 2.1 is now available: Major installation bug fix, Python 2.3 and Mac OS X compatibility, a database upgrade, and user interface improvements. A new Windows .exe binary is available for this release.  New features   New screenshots.   Download   This site has a new color scheme...finally!
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: PyBabelPhish 2.1 is available: A major installation bug fix and several user interface improvements.  New features   Download
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: PyPrint 0.3 now available: Finally ported to PyGtk-2, with several interface improvements.   New features.   Download.
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: PyInstallShield 0.5.1 now available: Bug fixes and interface improvements.   New features.   Download.

PyInstallShield running on SuSE Linux (Click image to enlarge.)

PyInstallShield License Window (Installation), using the built-in Spanish Translation - on SuSE Linux. License windows are optional. (Click image to enlarge.)

PyInstallShield is written in Python and, therefore, requires NO COMPILING....ever.

NEW IN PYINSTALLSHIELD 0.5.1 (1/21/2004):
Critical Update: A bug resulting from an unneeded 'import GTK' call which could cause installations to completely fail has been fixed: Removed unnecessary call to 'import GTK' which stopped the install process from starting on many systems; this is a MAJOR Bug Fix. A bug which could lead to 'unknown encoding' warnings on the console has been fixed: Added a 'coding' comment to the second line of the source to help fix deprecation 'no encoding specified' warnings (This is needed now that Spanish translations are stored internally). Set the wrap_mode for the event logger text area at the bottom of the screen to WRAP_WORD, instead of '1'. User interface improvement: Gtk stock icons have been added to all menu items. The applications copyright and About box has been updated to accomodate the New Year.

PyInstallShield is a simple, compact Gtk-based, cross-platform installation program written in Python. PyInstallShield is now bilingual (Spanish and English). It is tweaked for installing Python applications but should work for others as well. PyInstallShield is known to run on Linux/Unix and Windows 95/98/ME. PyInstallShield requires: Python 2.2 or better, Gtk+ 2.0.0 or better, PyGtk-2 1.99/2.00 or better. PyInstallShield is open source under the GNU Genural Public License. A copy of PyInstallShield is included inside most .tar.gz/.tar.bz2 (tarball) distributions of Pytho˝ol, PyBabelPhish, and PyPrint for easy, cross-platform installation. PyInstallShield includes both a 'setup' and an 'uninstall' program. Using PyInstallShield is simple. Extract the PyInstallShield archive to a directory of your choice. Then, place all the files you wish to install for your program in the same directory you extracted PyInstallShield (or appropriate sub-directories). Next, edit the 'install-config.txt' file in the PyInstallShield directory (detailed instructions are inside the file). Finally, test your installation by running the 'PyInstallShield' script or by running the '' script. PyInstallShield works well, but still has limitations and is still considered Beta code. PyInstallShield cannot yet create 'Start' menu links or icons under Windows, a feature which may or may not be supported in the future. I'm not sure if I feel inspired enough to do the necessary hacking of the 'shelllink' in Windows, which makes adding menu shortcuts unnecessarily difficult. Under Linux/Unix, PyInstallShield does NOT add menu shortcuts, as I know most Linux users don't want programs tampering with their precious menus. However, 'quick' start-up script executables are made on the PATH (for easily launching the program with one command), and icons can be placed in the system icon folders. Note: If you need a version of PyInstallShield that uses Gtk+1/PyGtk-1, you should obtain a copy of version 0.3 or earlier. As of version 0.4, PyInstallShield uses Gtk+2/PyGtk-2 for the user interface.

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Pytho˝ol, PyBabelPhish, PyPrint, and PyInstallShield are Copyright (c) 2002-2005 by Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at'] See the license section for a copy of the licenses these programs are distributed under. Any use, modification, or redistribution of Pytho˝ol, PyBabelPhish, PyPrint, or PyInstallShield, or their components, not in accordance with their respective license is strictly prohibited. Neither the author of this software, nor any of the software itself, is endored by, supported by, or in any way affiliated with the authors of any of the following: PySQLite, SQLiite, Festival.

Last Update: April 29, 2005

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