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A full-featured, multi-language, Gtk-based control panel targeted toward IceWM

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LATEST NEWS [4/29/2005]: These pages have just moved to a NEW SERVER. The site might be under construction for some time.
LATEST NEWS [8/18/2004]: IceWMCP version 3.2 is now available. This release patches bugs that many users of Python 2.3 experienced. Support has been added for the latest features of IceWM 1.2.14 / 1.2.15. A French translation has been added, and the Russian translation has been updated. The IceMe menu editor now saves non-English characters in the menu file correctly. A big THANK YOU to the following people: French Translation Added By - Yves Perraudin (yploglib ['at'], Rgis Dcamps (decamps ['at'], and Simon Gauthier (joy3k ['at'] Russian Translation Updates By - Vasya a.k.a Vasiliy Leushin (basileus ['at'] Thank you all for your hard work and patience with me. :-)   DOWNLOAD   List of New Features
LATEST NEWS [8/18/2004]: The following applications have just been released: IcePref2 3.4, IcePref2 Theme Designer 3.2, PhrozenClock 3.2, IceSoundManager 3.2, GtkPCCard 1.6, and IceWMCP Tray Icon Plug-in 0.2   Download

IceWM Control Panel: PySpool
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PySpool is a handy LPRng printer spool manager. It is part of another project of mine, called PyPrint. You should see my official PyPrint home page for more detailed information on this tool:



HELP: PySpool

The IceWM Control Panel (IceWMCP) PySpool tool allows you to easily manage the printer spool on your system . This tool requires LPRng
( to be installed on your system . Other printing systems, such as CUPS, are not supported by this tool .

Viewing Printers
To view a specific printer, select the printer's name from the list 'Select Printer:' , then click the 'View' button . If no printer's are listed, PySpool was unable to find any printers on your system . This may indicate a poorly installed or out-dated version of LPRng , or a problem connecting to or communicating with the 'lpd' server .

Printer Information
Information about the selected printer is displayed in the following areas: Description, Queue, Server, Status, Info .

Printer Jobs Window
Current print jobs are shown at the bottom of the main PySpool window, in a scrollable window, containing such information as 'State' , 'Job ID' , and 'Size' . This window contains a list of documents currently scheduled to be printed by LPrng .

Refresh Queue Details
Click the button 'Refresh Queue Details' to get an updated list of print jobs and printer information . Normally, updated information is retrieved automatically and continuously .

Cancelling Print Jobs
Generally, you have to be 'root ' to cancel current print jobs . To cancel a print job, select the job you wish to cancel from the list of jobs in the 'printer jobs window' . Click the button 'Cancel Selected Print Job' .

Exiting the Program
To exit the program, click File -> Exit on the menu, or press Ctrl+Q on your keyboard .

Checking for New Versions of the Software
To check for a newer version of the program click File -> Check for newer versions of this program.. . on the menu, or press Ctrl+U on your keyboard . This feature requires a working connection to the internet .

Launching Random Programs
You may launch a random program on your system by clicking File -> Run.. . on the menu, or press Ctrl+R on your keyboard .

Reporting Problems
You may report problems using this software by clicking Help -> Send A Bug Report.. . on the menu, or press F5 on your keyboard . You will be shown detailed instructions to guide you through the short process .

IceWM Control Panel is Copyright (c) 2002-2005 by Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at']
See the license and copyright documents for more legal information regarding this software.

Last Update: 04/29/2005
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