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A full-featured, multi-language, Gtk-based control panel targeted toward IceWM

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LATEST NEWS [4/29/2005]: These pages have just moved to a NEW SERVER. The site might be under construction for some time.
LATEST NEWS [8/18/2004]: IceWMCP version 3.2 is now available. This release patches bugs that many users of Python 2.3 experienced. Support has been added for the latest features of IceWM 1.2.14 / 1.2.15. A French translation has been added, and the Russian translation has been updated. The IceMe menu editor now saves non-English characters in the menu file correctly. A big THANK YOU to the following people: French Translation Added By - Yves Perraudin (yploglib ['at'], Rgis Dcamps (decamps ['at'], and Simon Gauthier (joy3k ['at'] Russian Translation Updates By - Vasya a.k.a Vasiliy Leushin (basileus ['at'] Thank you all for your hard work and patience with me. :-)   DOWNLOAD   List of New Features
LATEST NEWS [8/18/2004]: The following applications have just been released: IcePref2 3.4, IcePref2 Theme Designer 3.2, PhrozenClock 3.2, IceSoundManager 3.2, GtkPCCard 1.6, and IceWMCP Tray Icon Plug-in 0.2   Download

IceWM Control Panel: PhrozenClock
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PhrozenClock is a Date/Time application similiar to those found on KDE and Windoze. It is integrated into the IceWM Control Panel, but is also useful as the "clock" application for IceWM's taskbar clock.


(from the upcoming version 3.0)   [CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE]

(from the upcoming version 3.0)   [CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE]

HELP: PhrozenClock

The IceWM Control Panel (IceWMCP) PhrozenClock tool allows you to easily manage the time, date, and time zone on your system . Generally, you have to be 'root' in order to use this tool, since Linux and Unix systems generally do not allow regular users to change the system's time . PhrozenClock does not support .ics format zoneinfo files commonly found in Gnome Ximian Evolution-style applications, since most Glibc versions currently only support standard zoneinfo file formats . PhrozenClock makes every possible effort to correctly distinguish between standard system zoneinfo data and .ics format zoneinfo data in order to protect your system .

Environment Variables
The following environment variables are supported to control where PhrozenClock looks for data: TZ , TZDIR . (Examples: TZDIR=/usr/share/zoneinfo/ , TZ=/etc/localtime ) You should set these environment variables if PhrozenClock shows you any messages indicating that it had trouble locating your 'zoneinfo' directory or finding your time zone's name .

Setting The Date And Time
To set the Date and Time , click the 'Date & Time' tab . Select the current date from the calendar on the left . Select the correct hour, minute, and seconds from the clock on your right . In addition, since PhrozenClock uses a 12-hour clock, you should select either 'AM' or 'PM' . 24-hour clocks (military time) are not supported by this program .

Setting The Time Zone
To set the Time Zone , click the 'Time Zone' tab . Select your time zone from the list of available time zones at the bottom of the PhrozenClock window . Click the 'Set Time Zone' button .

Applying Changes
If you wish to apply any changes you have made to the time, date, or time zone without exiting PhrozenClock, click the 'Date & Time' tab, then click the 'Apply' button . If you wish to apply your changes and exit PhrozenClock, click the 'Date & Time' tab, then click the 'OK' button .

Cancelling Changes
If you wish to cancel any changes you have made to the time, date, or time zone, click the 'Date & Time' tab, then click the 'Cancel' button . The PhrozenClock program will exit .

Resetting The Clock
If you have made an error while setting the time, date, or time zone, and wish to revert back to the current system time, click the 'Date & Time' tab, then click the 'Reset' button . NOTE: This feature is only useful if you have not already 'applied' your changes by clicking either 'OK' or 'Apply' . This feature is similiar to the 'Cancel' feature, but does not cause the PhrozenClock program to exit .

Exiting the Program
To exit the program, click File -> Exit on the menu, or press Ctrl+Q on your keyboard .

Checking for New Versions of the Software
To check for a newer version of the program click File -> Check for newer versions of this program.. . on the menu, or press Ctrl+U on your keyboard . This feature requires a working connection to the internet .

Launching Random Programs
You may launch a random program on your system by clicking File -> Run.. . on the menu, or press Ctrl+R on your keyboard .

Reporting Problems
You may report problems using this software by clicking Help -> Send A Bug Report.. . on the menu, or press F5 on your keyboard . You will be shown detailed instructions to guide you through the short process .

IceWM Control Panel is Copyright (c) 2002-2005 by Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at']
See the license and copyright documents for more legal information regarding this software.

Last Update: 04/29/2005
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