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A full-featured, multi-language, Gtk-based control panel targeted toward IceWM

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LATEST NEWS [4/29/2005]: These pages have just moved to a NEW SERVER. The site might be under construction for some time.
LATEST NEWS [8/18/2004]: IceWMCP version 3.2 is now available. This release patches bugs that many users of Python 2.3 experienced. Support has been added for the latest features of IceWM 1.2.14 / 1.2.15. A French translation has been added, and the Russian translation has been updated. The IceMe menu editor now saves non-English characters in the menu file correctly. A big THANK YOU to the following people: French Translation Added By - Yves Perraudin (yploglib ['at'], Rgis Dcamps (decamps ['at'], and Simon Gauthier (joy3k ['at'] Russian Translation Updates By - Vasya a.k.a Vasiliy Leushin (basileus ['at'] Thank you all for your hard work and patience with me. :-)   DOWNLOAD   List of New Features
LATEST NEWS [8/18/2004]: The following applications have just been released: IcePref2 3.4, IcePref2 Theme Designer 3.2, PhrozenClock 3.2, IceSoundManager 3.2, GtkPCCard 1.6, and IceWMCP Tray Icon Plug-in 0.2   Download


You may download the latest versions of IceWM Control Panel, Ice Sound Manager, IcePref2, IcePref2 Theme Designer, PhrozenClock, GtkPCCard, the 'Hardware' plug-in, and tkPCCard from SourceForge.

NOTE FOR USERS OF STAND-ALONE BINARIES: Stand-alone binaries will no longer be available for new releases until further notice (technical difficulties!). Currently, stand-alone binaries are only available for older, unsupported PyGtk-1 versions of IceWMCP. Current, up-to-date pure Python versions are still available, of course: So your best bet is to have Python and PyGtk-2 installed.

As of March 16, 2003, ALL programs are bundled into one download package named 'IceWMControlPanel'; however, each application can be run on its own and extracted from the distribution package. All of the tools you see on the left are in the 'IceWMControlPanel' (or 'IceWMCP') tar-ball, rpm, etc. (This is to save me lots of time.) IcePref2 and IceSoundManager are no longer consistently available as separate downloads (I may make separate packages when I have extra time, but not all the time). Both IcePref2 and IceSoundManager are part of the main IceWM Control Panel Project, so download the latest IceWM Control Panel distribution to get the latest versions. (Sorry, it's too much of a headache for me to build separate download packages for all of these programs.)

Read the Installation page for information on installing the packages.   Read the System Requirements page if you do NOT have Python and PyGtk installed, or you have other questions about system requirements.

The current version of IceWM Control Panel is version 3.2. It was brought to my attention that some of the Sourceforge download mirrors were reporting 'File not found' errors, so...below, you will find mirrors I know to be working. It is highly recommended that you use the extra mirror sites at the bottom of the page only if you have trouble downloading from the main SF download section.

Suggested Mirrors:
      Aleron (Reston, Va)
      UMN (Minneapolis, MN)
      EasyNews (Phoenix, AZ)

Go to the DOWNLOAD SECTION, click the file you wish to download, then select one of the 'Suggested Mirrors' listed above.

If all else fails, try downloading from one of these directories (This is a bit messy, and should only be used as a LAST resort):

IceWM Control Panel is Copyright (c) 2002-2005 by Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at']
See the license and copyright documents for more legal information regarding this software.

Last Update: 04/29/2005
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