CJ's Technical Playground
Warning: Most of these code examples are from 10-13 YEARS ago (OLD STUFF). All projects listed here are currently UNMAINTAINED, available for HISTORIC purposes only.
PHPPython and JythonShockwaveVRMLXML

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These samples meet the WWW Consortium (W3) standards for both well-formed and valid XML documents:
Document 1: Uses an external DTD and a CSS style sheet  DTD  CSS
Document 2:Uses an internal/inline DTD and a CSS style sheet
Document 3:Uses an internal/inline DTD and an XSL style sheet
EJB Deployment decriptors for the EJBoss server (see the EJB section).  These are well-formed, but not valid (without DTD's) XML documents:
EJBMail_ejb-jar.xml   (ejb-jar.xml)
JdbcEJB2_ejb-jar.xml   (ejb-jar.xml)
JdbcEJB_ejb-jar.xml   (ejb-jar.xml)