<% ' Copyright by Erica Andrews aka CyLiKoN JeZuZ aka Li'L CJ, ' November 1999. No one is permitted to implement this script ' or any portion of it on their site without the express written ' consent ' of the author (cylikon@hotmail.com). All rights reserved. ' This script was hand-coded in ASP by Erica on Nov. 21, 1999 ' Creates a bar graph based on information chosen by the user ' Allows the user to chose their favorite color scheme for the graph ' Demonstrates how ASP can be used as an office or educational application. ' Professional-looking graphs with the click of a button. %>
ASP Graph by Erica

(Enter a name for each bar)
(Enter any number between 0 and 1,000 for each bar)
Choose a Color Scheme:
<% ' ----- replacing old Graph Title with new graph title %> <% ' ---- start filling the graph with new bar names and values %> <% ' ---replacing bars with requested color and stretching ' ---bars to appropriate length %>
.gif" width="<%=request("Bar1")%>" height="25"> (<%=request("Bar1")%>)
.gif" width="<%=request("Bar2")%>" height="25"> (<%=request("Bar2")%>)
.gif" width="<%=request("Bar3")%>" height="25"> (<%=request("Bar3")%>)
.gif" width="<%=request("Bar4")%>" height="25"> (<%=request("Bar4")%>)

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